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     I was fortunate to take classes in wheel thrown pottery from established potters in Pennsylvania, with varied design and production processes using a variety of clay bodies and glazes. I am also a registered nurse who suffered a work-related injury that wouldn't allow me to use my wheel anymore.  I learned to love hand-building because there are so many artistic options. And I continue taking classes in hand built pottery here in North Carolina. I am inspired by nature, art nouveau and Asian designs. I experiment with glazes and impress texture to my pieces. I enjoy the element of serendipity and discovery that will serve the functions of everyday use.



     I have been a crafter since the age of five.  As I grew up, I took various crafting classes in arts as diverse as stained glass and wood carving. Then, one day, I walked into a pottery class and never turned back! Since then, I have spent most of my crafting time making pottery. I moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. I found a wonderful area that included art, music, nature and, of course, pottery .  I live in Hillsborough with my husband Merritt and our two cats.

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